Transgender people self-identifying

My own views only. You can’t always believe the media and the mainstream thinking as this survey shows that over 50% of brits support transgender people self-identifying and children self-identifying as well. The ridiculous hurdles one has to go through to be able to even identify as transgender and acknowledged as such in Britain and in most states in Australia is something that needs to change.

Society is meant to be moving forwards yet it still struggles to grapple with others such as transgender people and don’t consider that transgender women should be part of female only groups or allowed to swim at the “Hempstead Ladies Pond” in Britain. One doesn’t transition so one can just use the female toilets nor is it a lifestyle choice. It is the way we are wired and who we are. It is that simple.

It is good to see that the majority of Brits from this survey done by YouGov support not only self-identifying but also the “teaching of LGBT+ issues in schools”, with those opposing this in the minority. One can only hope that the rest of the world will see what is happening in Britain and start to realise that we can all live together not matter who we are and become an inclusive soceity where currently we are really not.

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