Why are students defending diversity and inclusion initiatives?

Why should students have to defend Boise State University diversity and inclusion initiatives and why are they? They are ‘speaking for those can’t speak’. They are defending the university’s diversity and inclusion initiatives because they believe in them and also because politicians are typically interfering in things they shouldn’t by urging ‘Boise State University President Marlene Tromp’ to distance herself from the initiatives.’

It seems to me that the students are in favour of such programs and want more in higher education. This is so great to see that young people believe in diversity and inclusion in Idaho. Young people realise that inclusion is for everyone not just some selected parts of the community.

If we can all band together and help those who are marginalised recognising that togetherness with understanding will help make a better future for all. If we want to create a better world now and for future generations then we need to get on board. If we do then we all work together solving pressing economic, enivronmental and humanitarian issues.

Link to article: https://www.idahoednews.org/news/boise-state-students-defend-diversity-and-inclusion-initiatives/

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