Great to see Rangers Football Club launching their ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign

Great to see Rangers Football Club launching their ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign “which aims to unit people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities.” What a great idea to promote diversity and inclusion through its fan base. Rangers Football Club are taking on a big challenge however they seem to have the will and be determined to champion diversity and inclusion. 

I admire clubs that can and are willing to tackle big issues and be a leader in not only creating more awareness around diversity and inclusion but also wanting to end all forms of discrimination. It is good to see that they recognise that discriminatory behaviour exists in all forms and oppose it. It seems that they have put a lot of effort, time and thought into this campaign which will give it a better chance of succeeding and fans been more engaged in this campaign. 

Also by valuing diversity and inclusion more and more along with equality then clubs and organisations can only benefit. Also more importantly having such campaigns will do more good than harm and those who may oppose it or not agree with it should firstly consider their own workplaces or other clubs they belong to and any issues there around diversity and inclusion. I believe that more people will be for this than against this and it is a campaign if implemented well that can not only create positive change for the club but also the broader community as well. 

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