PwC Herald Talks: Businesses vital in driving diversity and inclusion, business leaders say – NZ Herald

Great to see “Ziena Jalil, former New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Singapore and consulting partner at SenateSJH’ talking up the benefits of diversity and inclusion in organisations. Whilst diversity can drive creativity, innovation, and empathy you still need the best person for each job in your organisation regardless of their background. This is where it can become a fine line between ensuring diversity whilst getting the talent you need in your organisation to grow.

Diversity also includes those who are gender diverse and transgender, intersex as well which is sometimes not thought of in some organisations or just paid lip service to. Just because an organisation has a diversity and Inclusion policy in place doesn’t mean it will solve all the issues around diversity and inclusion or improve in your organisation. It also has to be actively promoted and regularly reviewed to ensure that it is being adhered to; meeting any targets been set around diversity, gender pay gap and inclusion and is actually working in practical terms.

One also has to be aware of any bias that might be unnecessarily already be there or created because of a lack of such a policy or because of it. Either way, one has to look at the organisation holistically and drill down to recruitment processes to ensure there is no bias towards anyone when it comes to promotion or recruiting new talent to the organisation.

At all levels in the organisation including at the board level diversity can help create a thriving, successful business/organisation. However it also can be a two-edged sword if not done well or worse still if the people driving it leave the organisation meaning diversity and inclusion policy may stand still or go backwards. So it is important for ongoing success of any diversity and inclusion policy by putting steps in place to ensure current initiatives on this are continued regardless even if anyone in this space leaves the organisation and a new person takes over.

If we can continue thinking and talking about diversity and inclusion in a balanced way and a positive way then this can only be a good thing now and for the future for all organisations that it embrace it with open arms.

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