Transgender treatment: Puberty blockers study under investigation – BBC News

Whilst it is great to see a clinical study on the side effects of puberty blockers one wonders what is the true motive behind it. Is it genuine and is it independent enough to stand up to scrutiny and also true results or is it a sneaky attempt to discourage use of puberty blockers or transgender people?

I hope that I am wrong in my cynicism of studies like these and that studies like these will come up with good data which can used in a meaningful way which is positive and that can be quantified.

It is true that there are side effects of any medication we take and puberty blockers are no different for those that take them. We must do more in research in this area and also to ensure that the side effects are not too adverse for children to take.

With this study been ‘criticised for its design by experts” raise even more questions that it could potentially answer which is disappointing however if it can quantifiable show there is a link to increase of thoughts in self-harm and suicide then more can be done to address this. Also then medical companies that manufacture these puberty blockers can look to see if there is any way to change them even slightly to reduce these potential mental health risks.

Only time will tell if this and future studies on this prove the link between puberty blockers and mental health issues such as thoughts of suicide.

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