Andy Medici Victorian MP backs changes to birth certificate laws

Great to see that as a result of Andy’s child Eden coming out as transgender that it has spurred the “Victorian MP to back changes to birth certificate laws.” Also great to see that Andy being an advocate for this change as well as been able to accept Eden as being transgender.

A lot of parents are unable or unwilling to accept and/or respect their child when they come out as transgender so it makes it hard for all involved. Some even get kicked out of home and are left to fend for themselves. Whilst some are lucky enough to fall on their feet and stay with other relatives or friends however some are not so lucky ending up homeless on the street.

So we must do more in all areas of society not only just birth certificate changes to improve the lives of all transgender people. Notwithstanding that having such changes as removing the requirement to have surgery before you are able to change your gender is a great step forwards for all.

Victoria is one of the last states yet to change the law with regards to removing “the requirement for surgery to occur before a birth certificate gender is changed.” Whilst I recognise that changing the gender on your birth certificate is a big step if Victoria does change the law then this will help so many non-binary and transgender people. It also alleviate the stress and some of the difficulties faced by non-binary and/or transgender people changing their documents to their affirmed gender or non-binary status.

It will help as well giving them the ability to identify themselves as they truly are without need of medical intervention. Giving one the ability to be able to be their authentic selves in all areas of their lives including changing their birth certificate is not to be underestimated and so empowering.

Let us hope that this bill gets through both Houses quickly and seamlessly in the next months so indeed we can say Victoria is a state that is forward thinking and truly diverse and inclusive of all.

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