Transgender woman testifies at human rights tribunal after being refused Brazilian wax | CBC News

Transgender woman Jessica Yaniz testifies at human rights tribunal in British Columbia, Canada after being refused Brazilian wax at over dozen salons. It is sad that this issue should even need to be raised at such a level as a human rights tribunal however that it is the reality of the world we world live in. Whilst one can understand the reluctance of salons to Brazilian wax a transgender female with male genitalia one would of thought one that there would be at least one salon willing to train its staff so they could provide this service to transgender people like Jessica.

Whilst without knowing all the facts it is hard to judge who is right and who is wrong in this case however it does shows that some people are still reluctant to accept transgender in society let alone understand or acknowledge as human beings who have every right to be part of society.

True integration means that people are acknowledged and accepted for who they are without fear or prejudice. It also means that diversity and inclusion are the norm in society rather than for some but not all. Having laws is one thing however change in society and its attitudes towards transgender people is a completely different thing again.

It will be interesting to see what the decision of the tribunal is and the reasons for their decision when this case is decided. One can only hope that justice will be served and the decision is a fair one.

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