Sometimes obstacles are put in our way to see if we really believe in our dreams. Also they are there to see how resourceful we can become and to help us grow. If we realise that sometimes obstacles can take longer than we want to overcome then we will be more likely to keep going rather than giving up.

So today live in the moment keeping the faith that one day soon you will overcome your obstacles and your dreams will come true.

Change your mindset so you can change your life

I have learned that if you want to change any aspect of your life then you must firstly change your mindset. It is often difficult to do this as the radio station in our minds is playing a different tune to the tune we want to play. You want to listen to Gold 104.3 then your mind’s radio station is playing 2GB. You want to hear sweet melodies instead of constant chatter.

Changing my mindset over the last few years has been hard which is true for a lot of us. So if we are really determined to change our life the we must continue to work on our mindset and also ourselves constantly. It is better to be a work in progress one day driving a three wheeler 🚗 rust bucket and a holden 4 door sedan 🚘 the next moving forwards than going backwards to a two wheel bicycle 🚲 with flat tyres.

So today challenge yourself to change your mindset so you you can change your life for the better.


When you are a leader it is important that you have empathy if you aspire to being a great leader. If you are not naturally an empath then it is a skill I believe you can learn. So firstly let us look at what is the definition of empathy for those that may not be aware of its meaning. “Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.”

For those of us who are lucky enough to naturally be empaths it can be a two-edged sword at times because you are constantly aware of what other people are feeling. So it important that you learn to set boundaries to protect yourself otherwise you can get sucked into other people’s problems too deeply. You have to the ability of recognising that you can be empathic towards others and compassionate about their situation but also there is a point where you need to step back. You need to be able to step back and look at their situation holistically seeing if you can help in any way or it is better that you suggest someone else who can help them with their situation. This alleviates the need to get involved too deeply as well as ensuring the person you are helping gets the right support and answers they need to resolve the situation which benefits all those involved.

Whilst you it helps immensely if you are a natural empath you can learn this skill and still help people and other organisations with any situation and even resolve them. So one shouldn’t let your lack of being an empath or still not fully understanding this from helping others where you can. Most of us have some natural compassion no matter how buried deep it may seem at times to help others in crisis or with day-to-day problems. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone so that not only you grow but also you help someone else or another organisation grow as they you help them solve the situation they currently face.

Where you decide that you can help someone, group of people or another organisation and even potentially solve the situation then you need to focus on solving or at least alleviating the problems involved with this situation. Look at the situation and defining what the problems are with situation so you can analyse them to start to come up with solutions is a great step forwards. This is better than complaining about the situation, or only solving part of the problem or worse still doing nothing.

Instead, “Focusing on the solutions, rather than the emotions, may be the way out.” After all, being able to focus on solutions means you are halfway there already because you starting out with the right mindset. Often people have the right intentions but not the right mindset and then wonder why they fail or things don’t work out as they should. So it is important that you have the right mindset as well as focusing on solutions along with have empathy for those you are trying to help.

For those of us who are not naturally empaths I encourage you to learn this skill as it will serve you well in both your professional and personal life. If used properly for the right purposes and not to manipulate a situation to your advantage where the people involved aren’t served at all or in a negative manner then it can have a profound effect on many. Being willing to a learn a new skill like empathy may not be an easy thing do to it however if you persevere you will get thing there. Empathy is something that in time will prove invaluable and later on you will be glad you have it than not. So become the person you really are, the leader you were born to be with compassion in your heart and empathy for all those around us and society at large.

References for quotes in brackets: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_to_renew_your_compassion_in_the_face_of_suffering


Are you accountable? Well when it comes to leadership accountability is important. We firstly have to be accountable to ourselves each day for how we handle ourselves. We also have to be accountable for the tasks we set ourselves each day and whether or not we accomplish them or not. If we do what we set out to do that is great but often the reality is we don’t because we either set ourselves tasks that realistically can’t be accomplished in one day or circumstances around us mean we are unable to do so.

We need to realise that things may happen that are out of our control which we have to deal with which will impede or slow down what we set out to achieve each day. When we start to realise this we learn to set realistic targets for ourselves for the tasks we want to accomplish. We also learn to realise the importance of setting micro goals each day to achieve some tasks over a longer period of time. This is being accountable to you and also means that you are more likely to get things done.

You also have to hold other people to account no matter how uncomfortable this maybe for you to do. If you don’t do this then people will either ignore you, will be late in delivering their product/service to you or worse still take advantage of you. It is difficult to do however if you do hold people to account then even if the outcome is not ideal or not in your favour at least you will know for next time that you shouldn’t deal with that person or organisation.

If you can talk to the person who has let you down or not delivered their service on time or kept their promise in a way which doesn’t offend then maybe you can repair the relationship for the benefit of both of you for the future. Also you can also make them understand why you feel the way you do with regards to letting them down. The same comes to ensuring that another person keeps their word or delivers their product/service on time. This means following up with people to make sure they are doing what they promised do and asking them why they haven’t done things when they earlier committed to doing so. By making them accountable now they are more likely than not to be accountable and deliver on time in the future.

You also need to lead by example as “When individuals demonstrate accountability through their actions, they are setting the pace for leadership and performance excellence. They’re also showing others how to be accountable for what they are doing.” If you can lead the way going at the right pace then others will follow. This takes “Discipline staying on track, Integrity and Execution” which seems a lot however if you are focused enough and willing to make the effort then you can will become very good at this ensuring accountability is an important part of your leadership.

These things may seem hard to do as a leader however if we are prepared to do them and if done well and with empathy then not only will it make you a better leader but it will make you a person and make those who you hold to account at least be more aware of their behaviour if not make them think about the importance of being accountable.

If you can lead the way going at the right pace then others will follow. This takes “Discipline staying on track, Integrity and Execution” which seems a lot however if you are focused enough and willing to make the effort then you can will become very good at this ensuring accountability is an important part of your leadership.

References for quotes in brackets: https://www.eaglesflight.com/blog/5-ways-to-demonstrate-leadership-accountability-ensure-it-in-others

Keep learning

If you are prepared to never stop learning so you are always growing then life will be so much more fulfilling. Always trust yourself and what you are doing in life ignoring the naysayers remembering all things are possible. Nothing is impossible just improbable because you haven’t found the answer yet to your problems.

If you say to yourself YES I CAN then despite all the obstacles and the odds being against you then anything is possible. You can be unstoppable if you also think 🤔 positive no matter what the situation is or find yourself in.

I have found in my own experience that sometimes we defeat ourselves before we even have started. So instead, be positive, be brave and be willing to fail because if you do in the end you will succeed. Coming out on top not only professionally but also personally as a bright everlasting shining light 💡 for others to follow.


No matter the size of your heart you can still show gratitude towards. Never let our own circumstances stop us from being grateful for what we have now. If do this then we will always have gratitude in our life and towards others.

What are you grateful for today?

Melissa at Cricket Australia Transgender and Gender Diverse Inclusion Policy launch – Ten News First Melbourne

Part of TV footage from last Thursday of Cricket Australia’s launch of their Guidelines for the inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse People in Community Cricket. Erica spoke really well and is an inspiration for all of us to follow.

Spot me at the front near end of clip.

Link to footage: