Campaign in UK to launch diversity charity for children’s books.

Great to see in UK the campaign to launch diversity charity for children’s books kicking off. I would agree that there needs to be more “diversity and representation” when it comes to children’s books and would say this extends to books in general.

This is a great idea to “bring together partners from across the publishing industry to improve representation in both in terms of staff an output.” If this campaign can succeed then hopefully one day we can see more and more children’s books which truly represent the diversity of the society that we will live in today.

If the industry comes together and commits to resolve this issue as a whole then it is more likely in the longer term to succeed rather than just one or two publishers in the publishing industry tackling this issue. The benefits of more representation and diversity in children’s book are immense and would help to continue to make society more accepting and understand of those from culturally diverse and gender diverse backgrounds. Hopefully it will start to debunk any myths around anyone from diverse backgrounds as well creating a brighter future for all and a world where we can all live together as one and not divided.

Link to article:

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