GUCCI hires new diversity chief

It seems that even big organisations like Gucci are still having issues when it comes to getting diversity and inclusion right. I am not sure what Gucci were thinking with this design and picture. Fancy coming up with a design as pictured above as a “balaclava knit, part of the autumn/winter 2018 collection” when they probably could have come up with something better and far less offensive.

Once again it demonstrates that you can have all the right intentions however if not thought through properly around the consequences then disaster can strike. Let us hope that more thought is put into Gucci’s future fashion designs so it is actually diverse and inclusive in its fashion.

It may seem hard to be diverse and inclusive however if organisations are willing to invest in the right people and right training to develop the right culture then magic can happen. Let us hope the new diversity chief Renee Tirado can make a huge difference in Gucci and turn the ship around when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Also let’s hope that Gucci will look at expanding its workforce to ensure it is truly diverse and inclusive so things like this never happen again.

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