It leadership it is important to learn to delegate tasks to others to do and how to do it. This is something that I have learned to do so I can get more done. I know that as leaders often we have the tendency to do want to do everything ourselves. We want to do this as we are either worried that if we let someone else do it that they won’t do as good as job as we can or they will not do it justice. We feel as though we are the leader so we should be seen to superwoman or superman flying through the clouds saving everything, doing everything and to be seen as invincible.

If take a moment and sit back we begin to realise that we can’t do everything and to have a successful business one has to let go and allow others to do things that we can’t or aren’t as good at. Also allowing others to do some of our tasks gives them responsibility and shows that you trust them enough to get them done. If you want to build a business that thrives then you need to build trust with staff and/or volunteers if you are a charity. By delegating tasks to your staff then this also shows you believe in them and their abilities as well as freeing up your time to do more important things.

Learning to delegate seems easy however it is often not because we are used to doing things ourselves and doing them our way. Delegation means getting things done but not necessarily your way however it does mean that you can get more things done. It also means that you can have time and space to think about where your business is at and heading to in the future. Having the time to do this and also look at your business from a third person point of view as if looking in from the outside will also help you see the gaps or potential gaps in your business which need fixing or looking into further.  

The biggest lesson I have learned over the past few years is that if you don’t delegate you burn out which serves no one neither your clients or your staff or friends who help you. Letting go and allowing myself to let others do some things for me has given me more free time and also allowed me to grow as individual. Also recognising the fact that you need a team of people to help you if you want to change the world.  

Part of being the change I want to create is being the change myself becoming the best version of myself whilst growing and being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is also about leading from the front whilst serving those around me and allowing them to serve me by delegating not only where I need to but also where I can so those around me can also grow with me. 


  1. You are so right! Delegating and letting go of control is the greatest challenge I have to face. I worry everything to death instead of trusting the very capable people around me. Thank you so much for this timely post.

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