Leadership – Self Care

When it comes to being a leader and leadership there are many skills you need and techniques you can use in your leadership role or help you become a leader. One of these skills is the importance of self-care on your journey so you don’t burn out. This is a skill that can easily be learnt and one that you can fit into your schedule no matter how busy it is.

I have learnt from personal experience that you can push yourself too hard staying up too late at night to finish an article or application for scholarship. It doesn’t serve you or anyone when you do this as you cannot be at your best the next day as a result. Also who wants to be around someone who needs to have 2 coffees an hour to stay awake all day and ends up being neurotic by the end of the day.

If you realise that you always need to be aware of how you are feeling each day then this well help you take care of yourself. Taking time each day to check in with yourself early in the morning will do wonders for you and your day than it you don’t. Then you can adjust your schedule or what pace you go at if you are not in tune with yourself. After all, how can you drive your BMW when your engine is not finely tuned and the carburettor is rusty sputtering out halfway down the Monash Freeway in peak hour traffic?

Taking time to do the basics right like making sure you eat properly, meditate, exercise and sleep well means that you are more ready to tackle each day with strength and the courage you need. So take a breath in the morning and don’t rush as much so you can not only take care of yourself better but also learning to live in the moment enjoying life more. This way you can be a leader who can take care of others because you are taking care of yourself.

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