Hello New Life

Saying goodbye to the old life and hello new life is not as easy as it seems sometimes.

Being able to let go of the past and stop clinging to the old life is challenging and problematic to some. I know in my life I have found it hard to let go of old habits or people that no longer add value to my life. However by doing so my life is becoming much better with more free time to spend time doing things that matter and spending quality time with those that matter.

My journey still lies ahead for me however as time goes by things gradually get better as I let go of the past and move forwards into the unknown territory called the future. This is a dilemma that we all face in some point in our lives however if we are prepared to face it with brutal honesty then any pain we go through doing this can only make us stronger.

So today I say HELLO NEW LIFE and tomorrow say it again so the past has no hold on my life, my future or my destiny.

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