Change your mindset so you can change your life

I have learned that if you want to change any aspect of your life then you must firstly change your mindset. It is often difficult to do this as the radio station in our minds is playing a different tune to the tune we want to play. You want to listen to Gold 104.3 then your mind’s radio station is playing 2GB. You want to hear sweet melodies instead of constant chatter.

Changing my mindset over the last few years has been hard which is true for a lot of us. So if we are really determined to change our life the we must continue to work on our mindset and also ourselves constantly. It is better to be a work in progress one day driving a three wheeler 🚗 rust bucket and a holden 4 door sedan 🚘 the next moving forwards than going backwards to a two wheel bicycle 🚲 with flat tyres.

So today challenge yourself to change your mindset so you you can change your life for the better.

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