One thought on “‘A world of difference’: Victoria’s birth certificate reforms have been voted through

  1. As a transgender Woman myself, i am so happy to hear about this ability to lawfully change one’s own birth certificate to reflect one’s own true identity! What a blessing that is! I just wish it was the same here in the United States. I live here in Florida, and I’ve had success in living my female authentic life (somewhat), and I was able to change my gender identity on my drivers liscense, with by court of law name change. But sadly enough, the United States FORCES transwomen & transmen to have reassignment surgery, before we’ll be recognized as either on our birth certificates. 😦 The pain of this reality is extreme for many who can’t afford the surgery that we want so badly. Yes, there are some who elect to not want the surgery… but for those of us who desperately wish it was a possibility… well, I’m sure you know the rest. 😦 I truly hope that day comes where we too can change our birth certificates to truly reflect who we are, regardless of surgery. I’m soooooo happy for all who have this choice where you are! Please pray for us that don’t! Much Love! XOXOXO… Sincerely, Mrs. Cheyenne

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