Kindness is an another important aspect in leadership and being a good leader. By kindness I don’t mean buying everyone in the office lunch every day even if you are a billionaire. Nor do I mean that you are there new bank open for free lending every other week except pay week or pay month. Kindness in leadership is ensuring that you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to your staff in an empathic manner about day to day challenges or any issues they are currently facing and acknowledge them even if a solution cannot be found or implemented straight away.

Kindess in leadership is doing the little things each day right. Occasionally stepping out of the office for a meeting with a work colleague and buying them coffee to discuss a particular project or challenge currently facing. Stepping away from the work environment to discuss work issues in a neutral venue over coffee. It is also about having the occasional team lunch or lunch with people from other departments so people can have time away from the office to socialise and get to know each other a bit other. This helps build morale and also networks within the office or work environment which can only help the organisation.

Too often we as leaders are focused on the bigger picture and forget the little things we need to do each day. If we are simply self-aware enough to be kind and show up in an upbeat manner regardless of how are morning has gone far then this will not only help you switch into a more positive manner more quickly but will also flow onto the organisation. Recognising when someone does something good for the organisation or externally in the community in a genuine manner means that you will be seen as the kind leader. Providing coffee/tea and milk for the office staff is a small thing but means that you are thinking of your staff.

Whilst these simple things by themselves may seem insignificant when added together they have a positive impact on the organisation. Also when things are busy or tough challenge is been faced by the organisation people are more likely to chip in and put in the extra effort to help out or find a solution to the tough challenge the organisation is facing. There are many facets to leadership and I have only begun to scratch the surface on kindness in leadership however is another cog in the wheel of leadership and being a good leader.

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