These days in leadership does honesty really matter?

Well in my opinion it does and would like to believe that most of us do as well and is not just lip service but actual truth. If we consider that honesty means “truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness, freed from deceit or fraud” (Reference: article 1) then surely this means that this should be an integral part of leadership. If we cannot be honest even with ourselves then how can we be good leaderships and incorporate this into our day-to-day decision making and how we deal with others.

There are a lot of people these days who love spin and live by it with the latest fitness fad, so much so they become consumed by their own spin and actually start to believe it. So we must always be wary of spin and not ever get to wrapped up in it or too consumed by it as leaders. We must continue to stay true to our values and be honest by not only speaking the truth but also writing the truth.

When we tell the truth we should not make it convenient for those that need to hear it. Instead we should tell it with sincerity and in a manner that they can at least understand even if they don’t agree with it. Also we should be aware of our audience and what message we are trying to convey to them. If we are not aware of our audience then they miss the point of our message or the message completely.

It is not easy being a leader and ensuring that honesty is not only one of our core values but also part of our leadership values. We don’t always get it right as leaders and we have to be the first to realise this, own this and acknowledge this. Having this ability is like a self-truth mechanism and protects from doing the wrong thing along with being self-aware in every situation we are in.

You also have to certain traits to be a good leader and become a great leader. “A person’s natural traits, in combination with how they apply these traits, behaviours, and decisions they make, make a person a great leader” (Reference: Article 2). Honesty is definitely not only a core value but also a trait that one should already have and if not adapt immediately. This can be tough at times however in the long run it is the way to go because to do otherwise will ultimately lead to distrust in our organisation or lives with other people.

Coming to a point where you are comfortable with being honest all of the time can be challenging for some however in time it comes easily. When we are in situations where we our been challenged it comes to the fore even more. Being able to understand the other person’s point of view by actively listening to what they are saying will also help you. You should be willing to take on board their point of view and incorporate when replying to them in a sincere and honest way. By doing this you may not always get your way or fully get your point across where the other person completely understands however you will at least earn the other person’s respect.

So consider today what price you will pay tomorrow if you are not honest or adopt it into your leadership as normal practice rather than an inconvenience

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