Do you have integrity as a leader and in your dealings with others?

As a person who aspires to be a great leader it is important that you have integrity as a leader otherwise people will not trust you or believe in you. If you want to be able to have influence in the community and in business then you need to demonstrate that you have integrity. If you don’t have integrity then eventually you will come unstuck and lose not clients but friends and family as well.

If you look at the meaning of integrity it means to have “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change” (Reference: 1). It takes courage and inner strength to stand firm to your convictions refusing to be swayed by the masses. If you are able to withstand any pressure to change then you have of one of the keys to becoming a great leader.

From day one as a leader deciding to have integrity and making an oath to yourself that you will act with integrity in everything you do will stand you in good stead. It can be hard to be someone or a leadership of an organisation that is willing to do this. Organisations like “American Express list of core values says: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.” (Reference: 2). This is a bold statement to make and have as part of its core values however it demonstrates their commitment to integrity. How many people or organisations do you know that would willingly publicise such a commitment?

If you are on the path to being a leader then you know there are many skills required and principles to abide by. Integrity is one of them and only each person can decide if they will ensure this one of their principles in life and in business. If you make the decision to not to follow the sheep being true to yourself then in the end you will be the better for it. Though this may cost you some acquaintances or even friends you will ending up winning those new clients whilst those of less or no integrity will lose clients.

So today make the choice to be a person and leader of integrity in both life and leadership.

1. Link to integrity definition:


2. Link to article:

Developing Leadership Qualities: Integrity and Honesty

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