What does depression look like?

On the surface it can seem not to be there, the person can appear to be happy. One can appear happy on the outside when the opposite is true. One can sometimes hide it quite well for a time however in the end it does show outwardly and then you start to withdraw from social engagements and mixing as much with your work colleagues after hours.

Depression can also appear sad or something in between.

Depression doesn’t have a face or image you can always recognise or share with everyone. Sometimes you seem quite normal yet really you are struggling on the inside with your emotions and how you are thinking. It can be easy to let this get you even further down. It is important to realise that depression can affect anyone at any time.

If you realise that you can do something about then do so. I have no mental health expert however I only know from my own experience that by reaching out for support you begin to see the light and can start to get better. It takes time and one day at a time you slowly move forwards getting a bit better each day and back to stablility and some sense of normality.

Talk to a friend or counseller or local GP or contact lifeline or beyond blue. This is the only to deal with it and manage it. If you get help then you can get on with your life and live a good life where your depression is managed and dealt with in the appropriate manner. I only can speak from my experience this year of it and know that it can come back anytime so I always have to be aware of this. Self-aware of myself, my surroundings and who I surround myself with.

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