Breathe and be patient

It takes time to get to our destination fully prepared being the best version of ourselves. We all want to get there quickly however once we realise that we can learn so much more if take a deep breath and go a bit slower. The journey itself is where we find ourselves and discover our hidden talents.

So be patient, breathe and enjoy each day on your journey.

Be Nice

Sometimes we find it hard to be nice to others when they are not kind to us or life is tough. Instead if we realise it is better to be nice for no reason when life is tough then imagine how much better we will feel when things go our way.

I know for myself sometimes I am weary and seems like an effort to be nice. However, it is these times that have taught that it is not really an effort and actually changes your physiology and mindset to a more positive one.

So today be nice for reason and you never know who it will rub off and help.