It takes courage to even just be yourself and not pretend to be like everyone else in one way or another. It takes courage to be brave enough to say to others – “I am enough” as I am now. By saying this it hopefully means you have already accepted yourself as you are now.

A lot of people sometimes lack the courage to be themselves and be brave enough to stand out from the crowd or follow their passions in life. It takes courage and inner strength to follow your own path in life.

If you also become a leader then this requires courage as you will face many challenges and hurdles to overcome sometimes. I have learned that taking it one moment, one hour, one day at a time means that though your courage may dissipate at times it never completely vanishes.

So today will be be bold and have the courage to just be you? Or step up to the plate and become the leader you were born to be?

Melissa Griffiths on Stage

On stage talking during LGBTIQA+ Mental Health Wellness Panel discussion last week held at Hares and Hyenas in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Thanks to our brillant MC for the night Morgan Fitzgerald and Burke Photography for taking such great photos.

Melissa speaking on stage

Thank you

Too often in today’s world we forget to say thank you. If we remember to say thank you when someone helps us or a friend lends a helping hand then the world will become a better place because of it.

It is a great gift and one that should be cherished and used often. We should never forget that we have many gifts and that thank is one of the greatest gifts we have to give.

World Rugby tackling issue of transgender players

It is has heartening to see that “World Rugby is reviewing its sporting policies including transgender players” with a common sense approach looking at this issue from all angles.

Most sporting bodies around the world have addressed this issue or will have to in the near future. I know this is a sensitive issue and should treated as such. It is tricky to successfully navigate the different aspects of issues surrounding transgender people playing sport.

In recent times the AFL and Cricket Australia have addressed these issues in creating policy guidelines for gender diverse and transgender players of respective codes. Whilst the initial phase of creating such policy guidelines is done there will always be ongoing issues around this. Also it will take ongoing education and monitoring to ensure that such policies are continually tweaked as necessary to keep up to date with advances in medical science and as society progresses.

As gender identity becomes better understood by the mainstream then it will be more easier to discuss these issues. We live in a time where the landscape is changing however I do understood the implications of transgender people playing sport and concern of the possible advantages they may when playing sport. World Rugby have a task navigating this however let us hope that they come to sensible and measured outcomes for all concerned.

Link to Article:

Swedish Gender Reassignment Surgery Debate

The debate heats up in Sweden overnight lowering the age of gender reassignment surgery.  At the same time the “number of teenagers diagnosed with gender dysphoria soars.”  

Too many people seem to jump to conclusions and the situation in Sweden just reflects the division and misunderstanding of transgender people in a lot of countries around the world.  It also shows that when their is debate on such issues they can be both productive and counter-productive.

Surely we can trust the judgement and professionalism of medical profession in such matters? Cannot the world catch up with medical science and transgender people? After all with rising numbers in those seeking medical help for gender dysphoria it is something that all countries will eventually have to deal with properly it if not already doing so. We live in a time when the world is changing and younger generation have a high moral compass and are very in tune with who themselves and their beliefs. We cannot deny the rights of those who suffer from gender dysphoria the medical treatment they deserve and need.

We cannot as a society ignore the plight or rights of minorities for the sake of money or other beliefs. We must tackle these issues head on and only when we have sensible debate will we grow as a society.  If the world is to grow then we must work together putting aside our differences to truly achieve diversity and an inclusive world.

Soul guiding us

Follow our soul and the inner light within us will guide us in our path.. Sometimes this means the roads we go along are dirty and rough and we get hurt along the way. However in doing so we do come to a road which is sealed and has no dirt where we just glide along.

In our lives we travel along many roads some dirty some clean. It seems like forever to get to the right road. However when it does our lives will be

been enriched forever because of what we have learnt. Also because of the many experiences we have had and people we have met along the way.

So today remember to let your soul and inner light guide you and the rest will take care of itself.


Always encourage someone who is making progress in their lives and towards their dreams.

I know my progress is slow and at moment feels stagnant however I know this will change when the time is right.

My progress is slow getting quotes for breast, facial feminization surgery, gender reassignment and voice surgery however I know in 2-7 months time I will eventually get it done. It also will possibly take years to have all the surgery however I will get there. Likewise with changing people’s attitudes towards transgender people.

So if I am slow and still able to make some progress in changing people’s attitude towards transgender people what could you do?

It may feel laborious at times however if you keep going then you will get there in the end even if it takes months or years.

Be strong

People try to provoke me with passive aggressive behaviour such as looking at me with smirks or mocking me. However I am strong enough not to allow them to get to me. Never let anyone provoke you so they can play the victim when you have done nothing wrong in the first place.

Motivation and discipline

At times we all lose motivation in life or pursuing our passion. Sometimes we all need to take a break. However in most cases we just have to be disciplined enough to keep going. If we do this then eventually our motivation will return.

Motivation along with discipline makes a formidable and unbeatable team. So today be you and keep going because you get there no matter how long it takes. The reward will be more than worth the wait.