Amazing to see such strong woman all wanting to fight for transgender people

Great to see such strong and glamorous transgender women at the “world’s top transgender pageant in Thailand” (See 1. below), all wanting equality for all. From ‘Brazil, Ariella Moura’s aim was to make a statement against gender discrimination after seeing her friends were killed in transphobic attacks at home in Brazil’ (See 1. below) which is a great thing to do.

A lot of people may not believe or agree with beauty pageant however this “pageant brings together 21 international contestants showcasing their beauty but also spreading a defiant message for equality from across the globe.” (See 1. below) . Who could disagree with such a message?

Despite Brazil being a country where “people are open-minded for a lot of things” (See 1. below) , sexuality is still one thing where discrimination exists and transgender people have to deal with transphobia and are being killed. Transphobia is an issue in a lot of countries still and hate crimes still go on. It takes people like ‘Areilla Moura from Brazil, 2nd runner-up’ (see 1 below) standing up for equality and to end discrimination against transgender people.

I implore that more good will come out of such pageants to not only raise awareness but also to encourage equality, end gender discrimination, and transphobia around the globe. By becoming and being the best version of ourselves changing ourselves in the process then we can stand up and make a difference making the lives of transgender people better all around the world.

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