Progress can’t come quick enough for transgender dancers

Sometimes it just takes one person to make such a positive difference in the world. By starting “his own company, the San-Francisco-based Sean Dorsey Dance” (Refer to 1 below), Sean is not only creating Horst but also pathing a way for those who aspire to being gender-diverse and transgender dancers and/or choreographers. Sean is being so brave to being so open about himself and becoming “the first openly trans director of a full-time dance company.” (Refer to 1. Below).

It is hard when you lead the way in any field whatever you gender is however to be open about transgender in the creative field when a director of a dance company takes guts. Improving the support of transgender people is so crucial and improving “representation in the dance world” (Refer to 1. below) where this lacks now can only be good for all. Getting more gender diverse and transgender people to participate in dancing will be a challenge fro Sean and the industry as a whole however with perseverance and changing attitudes in society I believe it can happen.

I know there are many barriers and challenges to getting gender diverse and transgender people into creative fields such as dancing. I know myself who has applied for 100’s of acting jobs and modelling jobs and only ever got a handful of auditions let alone parts or modelling jobs know there are many barriers and challenges to overcome. If some of the barriers in the US such as “training programs being gender specific” (See 1. below) then hopefully this will encourage more gender-diverse and transgender people to apply.

If society only realised that gender-diverse and transgender people are just as creative as everyone else and have the potential to become great actors, actresses, dancers, singers etc. then it could be so much better as we would be more accepting and understanding of everyone. If we are to move forwards as a society then we need to learn to embrace everyone’s differences and recognise their skills and talents and not just judge people on face value for what they look like or what the gender they are or not as the case maybe for non-binary people who doesn’t identity as either gender.

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