Women@eBay lead on diversity and inclusion

Great to see “Trina Williams Limpert, President of eBay’s Women@e-bay shortlisted for Diversity Initiative of the Year in IT New York 2020 Awards.” (See 1 below)

Trina as only being ‘President since 2019’ (see 1 below) however has managed to increase the number of ‘active Women@e-bay chapters from 12 to 21 of e-bay’s 31 sites around the world’ (See 1 below), which is a great achievement in itself. She has also managed to increase female members and this is by her hard work and initiatives such as the “Rise Up, Life Up Programme initiated by Trina to narrow the gender gap in leadership and tech” (see 1 below), that has shown her to be a leader.

If you have such programmes which are designed for women by women which enable more women in their current tech roles or attract new candidates then this can only be a good thing. Also hosting other programmes such as “GLAM (Girls Leadership Academy Meetup) where 60 girls 8-12 learned about computing coding” (See 1 below) and partnering with others such as MotherCoders.org can only do wonders in the long run for improving the numbers of women in tech but also help those from ethnic and minority groups get into tech roles.

We can see that there are a lot of programmes out there now in diversity and inclusion however having ones that are tailored to the industry and women make sense. Also if you enable and empower women then most will want to do likewise so building a community of people who are more likely to help each other and those around them.

With today being International Women’s Day we should pause and remember how far we have come; the great initiatives women around the world have undertaken in their respective fields; and the great women who have helped shape the world today like Michelle Obama. We still have a long way to go however there is hope for all when people like Trina are leading the way.

  1. Link to article – Women@eBay lead on diversity and inclusion: https://www.information-age.com/womenebay-lead-on-diversity-and-inclusion-123488051/

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