Waking through our storm

As I keep walking🚶‍♂️ along this road I find myself questioning what I believe and what I should do next. I question if I still 🤫 have value to add to society and if I will ever get to the other side of my ⛈ .

This is what we all face now in one way or another in our lives, questioning ourselves and what is next for us. We just have to be open to the answers and keeping moving towards our dreams walking through the current storm coming out the other side stronger and wiser for it.

Radical Romance

This is Awesome that this film – Radical Romance that I was supporting actress in has been submitted to be part of the Be Epic London International Film Festival (BELIFF).

Synposis of film – The corrupt regime has installed a matriarchal dictatorship as a way to control the people. A hacker is trying to change the order with the help of Sarah, a teacher with a troubled past, and Fisen, special forces who is also a double agent. Radical Romance is a romantic adventure. How far does the rabbit hole go and who is tricking who?


Everything happens for a reason. Every challenge we face is another experience we are meant to go through. If we are willing to learn from it then we will grow.

So today ask yourself what the answers are to your current challenge. The answers will come from many places so be open minded and be patient. Most importantly be optimistic that they will come when the time is right.

Brighten your day

Like a ghost town waiting for bus 🚌 to go to work this morning. Despite the current gloomy ☹️ conditions it doesn’t hurt 🤕 to dress up and look nice. It helps brighten up my day.

What will you do to brighten up your day? And more importantly brighten up the lives of those around you?