Postcards from Tomorrow

Check out my article on book that me and other women write letters for which is now published and raising money for Lou’s Place in Sydney. Book can be purchased through Amazon and for kindle. See article for links to buy this amazing book.

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Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Say To Your 21 year Old Self?

Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Say To Your 21 year Old Self?

Brighten your day

Like a ghost town waiting for bus 🚌 to go to work this morning. Despite the current gloomy ☹️ conditions it doesn’t hurt 🤕 to dress up and look nice. It helps brighten up my day.

What will you do to brighten up your day? And more importantly brighten up the lives of those around you?

Storm and New beginnings

Whilst we are all going through a storm that we have never faced before in our lives we can use the time to grow and evolve as individuals and as a society. If we keep calm, be patient and stick together then eventually we will get through.

If we use the disruption in our lives to become better as individuals then when life resumes back to normal then we will have new beginnings bigger and better than before as the path has been cleared to allow for this.


Now more than ever it is important that we begin each day with gratitude and full of optimism. If we can be optimistic that we will get through the current period of uncertainty then we will.

Together we can support each other and build each other up so we can survive the greatest challenge we have ever faced coming through it better, stronger and more empathetic.


We now live in uncertain times, times of fast change which is both uncomfortable and unknown where we will all end up. However it is up to all of us to remain calm and navigate the bumps and waves ahead. If we can do that together then there is hope we will survive to live another day.

What other choice do we have?