Can we effectively advance diversity and inclusion efforts in today’s political climate?

In Texas at a recent state bar meeting in Austin the question was asked during the presentation to the panel “can we effectively advance diversity and inclusion efforts in political climate?” This may be a difficult question for the panel to answer nonetheless it is a valid one given the state of play in USA at moment. However during this panel “Hon. Miller spoke of the need for more diversity in the courtroom.”

It seems in Texas thought that diversity and inclusion is improving with “Harris County Young Lawyers in the Courtroom Program, which encourages and litigants and counsel to be mindfril of opportunities for young lawyers to “stand up” and speak at hearings.” This is allowing for a young lawyer to be able to handle a hearing and be lead counsel given circumstances are appropriate for them to do so. This is a great initiative by Harris County and one that should be applauded as it is allowing for the inclusion of younger lawyers to have opportunities to be lead counsel.

Also having ‘17 African-American women elected to the bench recently’ is an improvement in diversity and shows that at least in Texas that diversity and inclusion is an important issue to the State Bar of Texas. Having more diversity and inclusive practices can only benefit the legal profession and the bench. Texas seems to have several “diversity initiatives in the state” which is great to see. Let us hope that these intiatives along with the on-going expansion in diversity of the bench will extend more and more elsewhere and to the legal profession and beyond.

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Great to see Rangers Football Club launching their ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign

Great to see Rangers Football Club launching their ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign “which aims to unit people from all backgrounds, cultures and communities.” What a great idea to promote diversity and inclusion through its fan base. Rangers Football Club are taking on a big challenge however they seem to have the will and be determined to champion diversity and inclusion. 

I admire clubs that can and are willing to tackle big issues and be a leader in not only creating more awareness around diversity and inclusion but also wanting to end all forms of discrimination. It is good to see that they recognise that discriminatory behaviour exists in all forms and oppose it. It seems that they have put a lot of effort, time and thought into this campaign which will give it a better chance of succeeding and fans been more engaged in this campaign. 

Also by valuing diversity and inclusion more and more along with equality then clubs and organisations can only benefit. Also more importantly having such campaigns will do more good than harm and those who may oppose it or not agree with it should firstly consider their own workplaces or other clubs they belong to and any issues there around diversity and inclusion. I believe that more people will be for this than against this and it is a campaign if implemented well that can not only create positive change for the club but also the broader community as well. 

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Australian workplaces are struggling to implement effective diversity programs

(My own views only). A lot of organisations/workplaces may have a diversity and inclusion policy however quite often it just sits on the shelf gathering dust. It is just in place to tick another box, another requirement to meet legislative or expected business protocol or corporate standard when in all reality it is not well implemented or actively supported by management.

Creating an environment which is inclusion for all is not an easy thing to do in today’s modern world we are under more pressure in both our work lives and personal lives than past generations have been. The key to having inclusive environments where diversity thrives is to create environments where people not only respect each other but also accept, understand and tolerate each other. If people respect each other however do not understand someone from a diverse background or is gender diverse then you will never have total cohesion in the workplace.

Acceptance of others who are different to you doesn’t mean you want to hug and kiss them every day you see them at work but just means that you accept they are different to you and still deserve a chance like everyone else to work. Understanding that we are all different so that we all may get on coming together working towards a common goal for the organisation that we work for. If we can learn to tolerate each other and put this all together then organisations/workplaces are more likely to succeed and have diversity and inclusion policies that will have a better chance of working.

Getting back to the basics which may seem a bit old-fashioned nonetheless it works. Management need to be 100% on board not only around having a diversity and inclusion policy but also need to 100% be behind it actively promoting and supporting it. Creating change in any organisation/workplace is hard enough however if organisations/workplaces do not start to tackle these issues now then it is only a matter of time before they will start to fail or go backwards on these issues.

Having diverse and inclusive environments benefits all and makes for a more happy, inclusive and profitable business where win-win situations can be created. A happy, diverse and inclusive workforce is generally more often than not a productive workforce whereas one which is not means productivity is more likely not to be as high.

Work life balance is more and more important these days so organisations/workplaces also need to consider that this plays a big part in people’s decision as to where they want to work; who they want to work for and the days/hours they are prepared to work. Society is ever changing and at a faster pace than ever before in history so if we are to keep up then we need to adapt and change too otherwise we will fall behind the rest of the world. Instead of lagging behind let us become leaders in diversity and including; true leaders creating meaningful positive change that will last for generations to come.

Why are students defending diversity and inclusion initiatives?

Why should students have to defend Boise State University diversity and inclusion initiatives and why are they? They are ‘speaking for those can’t speak’. They are defending the university’s diversity and inclusion initiatives because they believe in them and also because politicians are typically interfering in things they shouldn’t by urging ‘Boise State University President Marlene Tromp’ to distance herself from the initiatives.’

It seems to me that the students are in favour of such programs and want more in higher education. This is so great to see that young people believe in diversity and inclusion in Idaho. Young people realise that inclusion is for everyone not just some selected parts of the community.

If we can all band together and help those who are marginalised recognising that togetherness with understanding will help make a better future for all. If we want to create a better world now and for future generations then we need to get on board. If we do then we all work together solving pressing economic, enivronmental and humanitarian issues.

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