To make our dreams come true it takes hard work 😓 , dedication, discipline and motivation as well as true belief in yourself. There are times when it is not easy and you feel like giving up however if you keep going taking a break as needed then eventually you will get there.

So dream big and go for it.


Their CAN only be one way and that is to keep striving forwards no matter what the obstacles are on our path. If you keep taking one step at a time saying I CAN then you will get there. It can be hard however if you keep the end game in mind then you will get there. So today say CAN because you CAN.


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Never be afraid 😱 to fly high like an eagle 🦅 above the mountains. If you spread your wings and stretch then you never know what could happen. Anything is possible with the right temperament and attitude. Keep going and keep learning so you move forwards constantly growing.

If you do this then you will begin to soar and nothing will stand in your way or make you afraid to fly high like an eagle 🦅.


Sometimes we lose hope when we feel nothing is going our way or happening. Instead we should remind ourselves that we just need to keep going as eventually we will get there. Take a break to refresh and rest our mindset then come back fired🔥 up on all cylinders ready to go.

So today tackle the day with a fresh attitude remembering to never lose hope and to keep striving for your dreams.


Kindness is an another important aspect in leadership and being a good leader. By kindness I don’t mean buying everyone in the office lunch every day even if you are a billionaire. Nor do I mean that you are there new bank open for free lending every other week except pay week or pay month. Kindness in leadership is ensuring that you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to your staff in an empathic manner about day to day challenges or any issues they are currently facing and acknowledge them even if a solution cannot be found or implemented straight away.

Kindess in leadership is doing the little things each day right. Occasionally stepping out of the office for a meeting with a work colleague and buying them coffee to discuss a particular project or challenge currently facing. Stepping away from the work environment to discuss work issues in a neutral venue over coffee. It is also about having the occasional team lunch or lunch with people from other departments so people can have time away from the office to socialise and get to know each other a bit other. This helps build morale and also networks within the office or work environment which can only help the organisation.

Too often we as leaders are focused on the bigger picture and forget the little things we need to do each day. If we are simply self-aware enough to be kind and show up in an upbeat manner regardless of how are morning has gone far then this will not only help you switch into a more positive manner more quickly but will also flow onto the organisation. Recognising when someone does something good for the organisation or externally in the community in a genuine manner means that you will be seen as the kind leader. Providing coffee/tea and milk for the office staff is a small thing but means that you are thinking of your staff.

Whilst these simple things by themselves may seem insignificant when added together they have a positive impact on the organisation. Also when things are busy or tough challenge is been faced by the organisation people are more likely to chip in and put in the extra effort to help out or find a solution to the tough challenge the organisation is facing. There are many facets to leadership and I have only begun to scratch the surface on kindness in leadership however is another cog in the wheel of leadership and being a good leader.

Depression can hit us anytime

I am saddened by the passing of Danny Frawley. I have read articles around this and about how Danny spoke to Jeff Kennett about his issues with depression. In light of reading about Danny’s issues with depression I feel compelled to share my story in relation to anxiety and depression not in vain of sympathy but in hope that it will help someone and motivate them to seek support to deal with it.

People sometimes think depression is something that they will never have to deal with however it can hit you at any time and when you least expect it. I have being doing a lot of work to raise awareness over the last few years on social media, in media and speaking at events/conferences. Depression hit me a month after I spoke at RMIT. It creeped up on me and suddenly hit which made me anxious as well. 

One can never pinpoint depression exactly or the cause of it. Often it is micro events in our lives or signals that are telling us to slow down or that something is wrong or triggers leading us to depression. Sadly, too often we ignore these micro events or signals in our lives to our detriment. Hence we suddenly realise we are depressed without thinking about why or how we came to this point in our lives.

For myself allow myself to be taken advantage of and doing too much for free was a trigger. Also, the day to day demands of life and having to read negative press about transgender people got to me a bit. Putting up with the day to day stuff like people over phone calling from call centre when I answer phone saying “Hello this is Melissa” and people on the other end responding after a moments silence with things like “Can I speak to a Melissa” or “Are you Melissa”.  Also people calling me sir even after explaining I am transgender female or woman just because I have more masculine voice, a problem a lot of transgender women face. 

Sadly some large corporates off-shore there call centres and don’t invest in diversity and inclusion training hence transgender women still have issues. So these things, other events in my life including dealing with bullying, and trolls on social media and also dealing with helping my flatmate through dealing with the medical system during his cancer treatment and other small things all impacted on me. I can see now that it was an accumulation of things both before that lead to my depression as well as during the time dealing with it and anxiety as a result of this.

I was lucky that I had a few good people I could go to talk to deal with it even though it took time to get through it. During this time I spoke again at an event and though I appeared upbeat the reality was far from this. I was still writing articles in an effort to maintain an even keel and doing a bit of consulting whilst working fighting my way through my depression and the black hole it seemed to be sucking up all my energy. 

Some people think a quick visit to a psychologist will fix it when this is not the case. It is a start but more time with psychologist or counsellor or someone professional to support you is needed. Having someone or some people to support you is so vital to begin the process to get though and process of dealing with it so can look forward to one day recovering from it.

I managed to get out of this black hole because I took time out to deal with it; also using various strategies such as continuing to live as normally as possible even though this hard sometimes; also by writing articles and asking for support meant I got though it. I also let go of emotions bottled up for years by crying a lot and speaking to a few people close to me. I have also been lucky to have people in the background who have supported me though maybe few they always have been there for me when I have needed them. What works for each person is different however the key is getting support and the right support to deal with your anxiety and/or depression.

I can only encourage people to call Beyond Blue on phone: 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on phone: 13 11 14 if you need to talk to someone ASAP. The sooner one reaches out for support the sooner one can begin to deal with there issues around anxiety and/or depression. 

We all need to acknowledge and understand depression exists and the impacts upon your life can be horrific. It impacts your confidence, ability to think straight and ability to socialise with others in society or partake in day-to-day activities. Let us all recognise that unless we come to terms with the fact depression exists; talk about so we can deal with it as a society in a better way then this issue will only get worse. 

You will be sadly missed by all Danny Frawley R.I.P.

Today is going to be a good day

Today is going to be a good day if we say so and don’t allow other people around us or events to keep us from thinking 🤔 this way.

Having this mindset will hold in good stead for the challenges of the day. Will you set your own path and not follow the other sheep 🐑 in your village?

Your path will lead you to great things if you follow it. Remember crows can peck at sheep 🐑 who follow their path but eagles 🦅 rise above them and fly high leaving everyone else behind. So fly like an Eagle today remembering today is going to be a good day.