Women@eBay lead on diversity and inclusion

Great to see “Trina Williams Limpert, President of eBay’s Women@e-bay shortlisted for Diversity Initiative of the Year in IT New York 2020 Awards.” (See 1 below)

Trina as only being ‘President since 2019’ (see 1 below) however has managed to increase the number of ‘active Women@e-bay chapters from 12 to 21 of e-bay’s 31 sites around the world’ (See 1 below), which is a great achievement in itself. She has also managed to increase female members and this is by her hard work and initiatives such as the “Rise Up, Life Up Programme initiated by Trina to narrow the gender gap in leadership and tech” (see 1 below), that has shown her to be a leader.

If you have such programmes which are designed for women by women which enable more women in their current tech roles or attract new candidates then this can only be a good thing. Also hosting other programmes such as “GLAM (Girls Leadership Academy Meetup) where 60 girls 8-12 learned about computing coding” (See 1 below) and partnering with others such as MotherCoders.org can only do wonders in the long run for improving the numbers of women in tech but also help those from ethnic and minority groups get into tech roles.

We can see that there are a lot of programmes out there now in diversity and inclusion however having ones that are tailored to the industry and women make sense. Also if you enable and empower women then most will want to do likewise so building a community of people who are more likely to help each other and those around them.

With today being International Women’s Day we should pause and remember how far we have come; the great initiatives women around the world have undertaken in their respective fields; and the great women who have helped shape the world today like Michelle Obama. We still have a long way to go however there is hope for all when people like Trina are leading the way.

  1. Link to article – Women@eBay lead on diversity and inclusion: https://www.information-age.com/womenebay-lead-on-diversity-and-inclusion-123488051/

Amazing to see such strong woman all wanting to fight for transgender people

Great to see such strong and glamorous transgender women at the “world’s top transgender pageant in Thailand” (See 1. below), all wanting equality for all. From ‘Brazil, Ariella Moura’s aim was to make a statement against gender discrimination after seeing her friends were killed in transphobic attacks at home in Brazil’ (See 1. below) which is a great thing to do.

A lot of people may not believe or agree with beauty pageant however this “pageant brings together 21 international contestants showcasing their beauty but also spreading a defiant message for equality from across the globe.” (See 1. below) . Who could disagree with such a message?

Despite Brazil being a country where “people are open-minded for a lot of things” (See 1. below) , sexuality is still one thing where discrimination exists and transgender people have to deal with transphobia and are being killed. Transphobia is an issue in a lot of countries still and hate crimes still go on. It takes people like ‘Areilla Moura from Brazil, 2nd runner-up’ (see 1 below) standing up for equality and to end discrimination against transgender people.

I implore that more good will come out of such pageants to not only raise awareness but also to encourage equality, end gender discrimination, and transphobia around the globe. By becoming and being the best version of ourselves changing ourselves in the process then we can stand up and make a difference making the lives of transgender people better all around the world.

  1. Link to article: https://www.bangkokpost.com/world/1874129/glamour-and-equality-at-pattaya-transgender-pageant

Progress can’t come quick enough for transgender dancers

Sometimes it just takes one person to make such a positive difference in the world. By starting “his own company, the San-Francisco-based Sean Dorsey Dance” (Refer to 1 below), Sean is not only creating Horst but also pathing a way for those who aspire to being gender-diverse and transgender dancers and/or choreographers. Sean is being so brave to being so open about himself and becoming “the first openly trans director of a full-time dance company.” (Refer to 1. Below).

It is hard when you lead the way in any field whatever you gender is however to be open about transgender in the creative field when a director of a dance company takes guts. Improving the support of transgender people is so crucial and improving “representation in the dance world” (Refer to 1. below) where this lacks now can only be good for all. Getting more gender diverse and transgender people to participate in dancing will be a challenge fro Sean and the industry as a whole however with perseverance and changing attitudes in society I believe it can happen.

I know there are many barriers and challenges to getting gender diverse and transgender people into creative fields such as dancing. I know myself who has applied for 100’s of acting jobs and modelling jobs and only ever got a handful of auditions let alone parts or modelling jobs know there are many barriers and challenges to overcome. If some of the barriers in the US such as “training programs being gender specific” (See 1. below) then hopefully this will encourage more gender-diverse and transgender people to apply.

If society only realised that gender-diverse and transgender people are just as creative as everyone else and have the potential to become great actors, actresses, dancers, singers etc. then it could be so much better as we would be more accepting and understanding of everyone. If we are to move forwards as a society then we need to learn to embrace everyone’s differences and recognise their skills and talents and not just judge people on face value for what they look like or what the gender they are or not as the case maybe for non-binary people who doesn’t identity as either gender.

  1. Link to article: https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/transgender-dancers-progress-can-t-come-fast-enough-n1147911

Having inquiry into transgender youth would be harmful

As we continue to see the transgender community is always under the microscope. We continue to be misunderstood by some in the community and targeted by others with their own agendas or bad perceptions of us. So I read with concern of a possibly national “inquiry into treatment for transgender youth” (See 1 below), which I agree with the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP) in that it “would cause further harm” and not really help at all.

Instead we should be look at practical ways of supporting of Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and similar organisations that deal with treatment of transgender children. A national inquiry would put all involved under the microscope and we have seen the damage that media attention can do sometimes to such sensitive issues. We only have to think back to the plebiscite on same-sex marriage to see the negative effects of media on our community.

Whilst any guidelines in place for treatment of transgender children should be open to scrutiny like any other medical guidelines I don’t believe a national inquiry is necessary. We should be protecting the vulnerable transgender children involved as well as supporting their families and friends as best we can. The attacks against RCH are both disappointing and sadly not surprising. Let us hope that common sense will prevail here for all concerned.

  1. Link to article in The Guardian



Just because you are different to everyone else doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful. Shine radiantly showing your beautiful self each day. If you learn to accept your inner beauty then this will reflect outwardly. Be colourful, be radiant and most importantly be you.

Remember Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Diversity and inclusion – Making it part of business norms and not just an initiative

It is great to see that in the UK that there is “a new task group to champion diversity and inclusion in the UK oil and gas industry.” As the chairman of this task group Craig Shanaghey says “It will have achieved success when D&I is no longer talked of as an initiative” and my hope is that will be the case.

Ensuring that you make diversity and inclusion as part of what you do in any organisation is a challenge however it can be done with the right leadership, training and support. It takes guts and courage to want to change society in any way especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We all know that in the UK and a lot of other countries that issue has been around for awhile and that stats around this are not as good as they should be. The stats around female participation, black and minority ethnic groups, women returning to workforce are not great as Craig highlights with clear examples (See article below at end of article).

When it comes to Oil and Gas UK their “most recent workforce report also makes for fairly stark reading, just over 3% of the UK offshore oil industry’s workforce are women, while only 5.5% of applications to a popular oil and gas apprenticeship scheme came from girls.” This does not paint a pretty picture however is the sad reality and hopefully this task force can address such issues and turn the ship around on these stats. It would be great to see if in one to five years time there is a huge improvement in these stats and more girls apply for apprenticeships with more women in the industry’s workforce and senior management.

If the task group can come up with initiatives to increase numbers around diversity and inclusion encouraging other organisations around the UK to likewise then hopefully this will turn the tide. If we begin having more and more conversations around diversity and inclusion as a society as well as in our workplaces and in the boardroom then that is a start. Also if it is seen as a priority and part of “the norm” of business having diversity and inclusion policy along with practical hands-on application of it so that it produces real results with real diversity and inclusion being part of an organisation. Also by improving the culture of an organisation will help improve its diversity and inclusion.

Most importantly as a society not only do we have to recognise and realise diversity and inclusion exists and is a real issue but also we have to do make it an important issue for all of us to discuss. It is also one that we need to resolve in the coming decade if we are to move forwards together facing the many other challenges the world now faces in uncertain times as such we live in now.

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Keep Calm

I feel as though as I am going nowhere and not making any process. However like the rest of us who may feel this way I just have to keep calm and trust the universe. Eventually this will change and in the meantime just take one day at a time knowing that each step I take is a small step forwards towards my destiny. Keep the faith.